How to write an essay?

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The main condition for writing a good essay is fluency in the topic. After all, the author will have to express his own point of view, argue, draw conclusions.

In order to logically structure the work, first of all it is necessary to plan an essay. Usually it consists of separate brief theses on a given topic, which, as they are disclosed, must be reasoned and supported by evidence.

The only formal requirement that will have to adhere to when writing an essay – the presence of the title.

Surrendering to creativity, you should not forget that the author’s task is to convince the audience of the legitimacy of the proposed point of view, therefore the argument should be as strong and visual as possible.

Structure. As noted above, the essay does not have a clear structure, but its outline usually includes:

Introduction. This part should set the emotional mood, lead the reader to the issue under consideration, and interest her, prompting him to finish reading the text to the end.

The main part. At this stage, the author puts forward theses, finds them justifying, thereby proving his own point of view.

Conclusion. Summarizing what was said in the main part, the author makes a general conclusion.

If the purpose of the introduction is to interest the reader, then the conclusion should give integrity to the overall picture, encourage reflection, or, conversely, leave no doubt about the legitimacy or viability of the ideas expressed by the author.

Content. The main thing in the essay is the presence of a brightly marked author’s “I” in reflections on a given topic, the presence of a clearly expressed attitude to an exciting question.

The specific semantic content of the work of this genre is completely determined by its appearance. Thus, if the subject of reasoning concerns history, then the basis for the essay can be a global understanding of the consequences of revolutions and wars or the assessment of certain significant events from the point of view of the author.

An essay on philosophy can be devoted to the comparison of several conceptual schools, on literature – to criticism from non-standard positions of a well-known novel of a classic, or a work of a modern author that caused a public response.

To get a high score for a foreign language essay, you should pay attention not only to grammar, but also try to use a sufficient number of introductory constructions, stable phrases, idioms and sayings to not only open up the topic in an original way, but also to demonstrate a deep knowledge of the subject.

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