How to write an essay? Tips

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How to write the correct essay that will make the selection committee believe that you are the best candidate? To do this, follow a few simple but effective tips:

1. Be yourself

Despite the widespread opinion that the admission committee, when making a decision, is guided by clear indicators (points for GMAT, GPA, number of working experience, etc.), representatives of admissions committees are still people, and likewise prefer to choose pleasant candidates. In order to become such, it is necessary not to be stereotyped and try to portray yourself who you are not.

2. Do not try to impress the reader.

The main thing is to honestly and, if possible, objectively display through your essay your achievements, skills and characteristics. Try to avoid phrases like “remarkable skills” and “unique ability”. Believe me, many people write about themselves this way, but few of them believe. Do not be afraid to touch on the topic of your shortcomings, recognize them in the context of opportunities for development.

3. Try to avoid the “I”

The paradox of an essay in business school is that, on the one hand, you need to write hundreds of words about yourself, but on the other hand, in no case should you seem self-centered or narcissistic. In order to achieve this, try to tell as much as possible about what you have done, and not about how good you are.

4. Errors and typos

Errors and typos are unlikely to help you appear before the selection committee as an educated person. Therefore, it is advisable to check the work not only independently, but also to give it to the reading-out to the linguist, and even better to the native speaker.

5. Banal phrases

Just imagine how many members of the selection committee read essays on the same topic, so try to avoid banal phrases like “think outside of the box” and “want to help people.” For a long time, well-known examples of leadership will not help you to stand out from crowds. Choose a non-standard and interesting way of telling about yourself, and you will at least be remembered, but at the very least, it’s up to you to decide to take it to the business school

6. Think positive

A gloomy view of things is unlikely to help you please members of the selection committee. After all, the style of the text is always associated with the type of thinking of the writer, and the attitude of the reader to what is written (in this case, hostility) is transmitted to the author. Try to give a positive assessment of the entire described essay.

Brett Owens

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